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Strategic Organizational Leadership

Three 8-week courses to take online, pretty much right after each other:



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Integrated Online Strategies

I enjoyed this 8-week online class that led me through stages of website development


I have been filling notebooks up with juicy nuggets of knowledge.

There are live lectures and recorded ones you listen to at your leisure. The online exams were not too stressful, either.  The learning is relevant to tasks I perform today and the ones I will be responsible for tomorrow. 




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dual platform designer

Each day at work, I jump back and forth between the MacBook Pro and the Toshiba laptops,  as well as a Dell and iMac desktops. 


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Volunteer paint job

gator statue repainted
Even tough it was a Gator and not a Seminole, my kids helped out with a volunteer paint job to transform Captain Charlie’s garden statue.  He’s had it for years at the entrance to his Tampa home.

We had fun repainting it for a couple of hours, attacking it at the same time with our own brushes and colors.   It was a crummy-looking, old,  chipped up mess of a statue.  But now the gator has another decade of looking decent.


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Overdue iMac purchase

2007 imac with 24in monitor
It has finally been done and I’m happy to have the beautiful display of a large Apple monitor at the place. This computer will serve the home well, with the ability to surf the net, do banking, order a pizza, make site updates, do schoolwork, play dvds.  It even talks to the Apple TV. 

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Head West…with remote service

Logo design for Gang Green Productions in SLC

Nerd & geek culture

A project for Gang Green Productions, this art was an event logo for a concert which was also used to announce the birth of SLC Nerd, in Utah.

  • A quick series of clicks to create a Utah-shaped polygon,
  • glasses added for sure (even though plenty of us nerds wear contacts)
  • “Cities would be like zits” idea was almost immediate as well, largest one at Salt Lake City, of course

There was a horizontal version, too. Vacant space within the borders of the state wasoo vacant, the mouth had to be added with Lake Powell and Colorado River. I love the mouth’s expression caught with a pretty accurate depiction of a lake in the southern region of the state. A funny and nerdy mouth shape forms in just the right spot.

This was a fun task.


logo in development: water or not? Horizontal or not? lowercase or not?

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Online Learning

Training & Education Support


 eLearning samples at Course Catalog

Perimeter Products courses (3 of numerous)

Flash production with d&d for online corporate university content like:

  • Course openers
  • Lesson transitions
  • Content production
  • Activities, quizzes, self-checks and assessments
  • File optimization and conversion

Suggestive Selling , Shoplifting


Animated ads and calls to action

A ball icon was created with treatment for each retail season and holiday. View the full seasonal collection here.




Social media brainstorm
In 2010, supplied ideas for a twitter-based logo and icon. This required the use of an email account to set up a mock presence of the company on twitter. A testing ground for viewing the appearance of the main elements: a custom-made background, the logo, an icon to use is at

In-house Illustrator

Rendering of sophisticated illustrations and creating casual cartoon characters.
arteries line-art was brought to life with some time in Photoshop. arteries





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Cartoon Portraits and Scenes

Cartoon portraits


Spcial events

People love their custom cartoons. They’re great for display at events or as party gifts themselves.


The Public Address Band

Cartoon sample in black and white

Sometimes black and white works well. This was created with a marker and scanned into Photoshop for some value on cheeks and eyes.


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Creative media producer

Four areas of designer strength:

  1. Online media design and development
  2. Animated or multimedia production
  3. Print and web graphic design and the ability to translate written data into engaging and appealing visual information
  4. Original art and illustration support

View work samples in categories


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