Corporate Designer

From wireframes and story boards, project scopes and scripts,
I translate the words to art, and help designs that need a fix.

Art rendering of a message or a lesson to be learned,
Creativity is called again, and a buck or two is earned.
This is not just production born off a suburban street,
It’s talent I bring to the firm where design and learning meet.

With many to be served and deadlines all the time,
I’ll develop and design to assist the viewer’s mind.
To engage a target audience and support the learning cause,
to be the quiet reason why others get applause.

I enjoy my work and place among talented peers,
And keeping clients dazzled, creating corporate cheers.
The office and the furniture looks nice and smells new,
Excuse me while I get back to that project being done for you.

And I can be the reason why someone makes the choice,
to prepare another workstation for a new creative voice.

latest learning

Frequent additions to skillset

 It’s enjoyable to spend a part of each day learning something new or putting some new methods into practice . Any topic titles that I jump into are mostly about visual design and development.

For 32 of 52  weeks this year I have studied formally, in Certificate Programs offered by  well-known U.S. colleges.


Media and technology

university of San Francisco logo

University of San Francisco, 2013
Integrated Online Strategies

This is an 8-week class on internet marketing. It covered strategies that support website design and planning, development,  promotion, search engine optimizing and  rankings, G+ratings, measuring tools for data collection and other analytics.


Villanova University Logo

Villanova University, June 2014
Strategic Organizational Leadership
Master Certificate
24 weeks

Do any choleric personality types ever get enough training and resources?

The classes required for this Master certificate were based on lots of self analysis, while taking these classes.

  • Strategic Organizational Leadership
  • Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Maximizing Team Effectiveness





dual platform

Mac and Windows

Both the Mac and Windows work environments are known and loved.  Each day I jump back and forth between the MacBook Pro and the Toshiba laptops,  the Apple and android mobile devices, and a Dell and iMac desktop.



  • Explosion of color on the viewport
  • Clarity of the icons and display
  • Illumination under keyboard


  • Viewport navigation
  • No perfect location for docking the programs bar
  • The absence of a BACKSPACE key
  • Even the cords are wicked expensive



  • The Windows Explorer ease of use (file management)
  • User control panel settings ease of use
  • Overall more intuitive user interface


  • Windows 8
  • Window navigation
  • Too many unnecessary apps with install
  • Has really kept me from using the Toshiba at times

workstation no.2

Overdue iMac purchase
2007 imac with 24in monitorIt has finally been done.  Another workstation at the place, but the workstation that I’ve wondered about. “Would I ever be able to afford one of those large-view Mac displays?”

I’m happy to have received a great deal from work friend, Chris. It’s a 2007 iMac running the same Snow leopard OS, but still upgradable. This computer will serve well, with the ability to browse, manage files, play games, watch dvds and draw with the tablet.

Extra peripherals for this thing include an external hard drive at 1.5TB, a connecting DVD drive by USB and a sleeker mouse from Apple’s selection.

Thanks, Topher!

remote service

Logo design for Gang Green Productions in SLC

Event logo design

A project for Gang Green Productions, this art was an event logo to announce the birth of Salt Lake City Nerd, news and events in the nerd and geek culture.

There was a horizontal version, too. Vacant space within the borders of the state wasoo vacant, the mouth had to be added with Lake Powell and Colorado River.

A one-color version was  better, I thought. Young designers beware of the confounded coincidence of clients choosing the design you like the least. I love the mouth’s expression caught with a pretty accurate depiction of a lake in the southern region of the state. A funny and nerdy mouth shape forms in just the right spot.

logo in development: water or not? Horizontal or not? lowercase or not?

education and training

Corporate Training 

Responsibilities for six years at a web solutions company revolved around interactive learning in the form of:

  • Illustration, course content design and production
  • Intro movies
  • lesson transitions
  • Graphic user interface design/GUI
  • Activities, quizzes, and assessments
  • File testing, optimization and conversion


Animated ads and calls to action

A ball icon was created with treatment for each retail season and holiday.

View the full seasonal collection here    

social media icon design by walter hoebich

Social media brainstorm
In 2010, supplied ideas for a twitter-based logo and icon. This required the use of an email account to set up a mock presence of the company on twitter. A testing ground for viewing the appearance of the main elements: a custom-made background, the logo, an icon to use is at twitter.com/lrnsmthng

In-house illustrator

medical illustration support with arteries depicted 


Special events: live entertainment with cartoon quick sketches and caricatures

People love to get a cartoon version of themselves. If you are planning an event, consider this unique and entertaining service. Events I have attended to provide quick sketches from seated subjects are parades, graduations, tailgate parties, office parties, birthday parties, grand opening celebrations, and fun community events.Event Artist Walter Hoebich

Company Picnic


caricature of Bill













Tallahassee caricature artist Walter Hoebich draws Apalachicola fisherman



Cartoon sample in black and white

Sometimes black and white works well. This was created with a marker and scanned into Photoshop for some value on cheeks and eyes.


View art and design samples

Four areas of designer strength include:

  1. Art direction, consultation, collaboration, project leading, client relations
  2. Graphic design, web and print asset creation, desktop and web publishing
  3. Animation and interactivity, movie development, e-learning
  4. Art and illustration,  some creative writing

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Encouraging learning retention through visual support and stimulation!