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2015 designer supports causes with art direction, multimedia production, e-learning development, art and illustration. See my samples video.  

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learning and development

gui design

gui design

Illustrator. Photoshop. Animate. What I consider software royalty as Queen, King and a Jack, respectively. I use these programs in development along with others, but open these up first. Now, new techniques ...
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designer poem

designer poem

The corporate designer :  Art rendering of a message or a lesson to be learned, Creativity is called again, and another check is earned. This is not just production born off a suburban street, It's talent I...
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education and training

education and training

Translating scripts and blocky designs into engaging and appealing graphics for support. It is one of my responsibilities along the Online Course Development workflow!   User interface ...
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Drum Solo in "100,000 Years" started all this madness.
I am very interested in asking my girlfriend to marry me via a caricature. I think it would be a fun and creative way to do it!
Brennan Garcia
Dude. good job. Keep it up :)
You rock, dad!
Walter, you do excellent work! Thank you.
Ketsana P
wh monogram logo
Great dog 'n pony show, now get back to work.